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Boom Concrete Farm/Ranch Products

2013 Product Price List

Fenceline Feed Bunks

Since feed costs make up about four-fiths of the total cost of producing beef, feed waste must be prevented. Concrete feed bunks are feed savers. They hold finely ground concentrates without loss and are free of crevices that retain pockets of stale feed. In addition, concrete feed bunks have the money saving advantages of low upkeep cost. Less durable materials do not stand up under the rugged treatment given them by cattle and feed vehicles. The reduced repair costs on concrere feed bunks represent substanial dollars and cents savings to the livestock producer.

concrete feed bunk

BOOM CONCRETE feed bunks are cast in ten foot sections for ease of handling. Feed bunks can be rearranged or moved. After many years of use bunks have good resale values.


BOOM CONCRETE bunks are long-lasting, serviceable structures that are low cost and low maintenance.


BOOM CONCRETE bunks will not rust, rattle or rot as less conventional systems. The reduced repair cost on concrete bunks represent substanial savings.


BOOM CONCRETE bunks are reinforced with steel and fiber, and come in a variety of neck rail styles and heights to accomodate sheep, cattle or hogs.


Eliminate unnecessary feed waste with BOOM CONCRETE feed bunks and watch your profits GROW!

Advantages of BOOM Concrete Feed Bunks


1. Round stones, not crushed, are used in the concrete mix, preventing cut tongues, as entire herds have been known to go off feed due to cut tongues from the crushed stone.


2. The flat bottom is easy to clean with a scoop or fork.


3. The flat bottom bunk has twice the usable capacity as a round bottom bunk.


4. Bunk is reinforced with fiber mesh throughout and steel reinforcing down bottom center and around ends.


5. The bunk is not attached to the property so it is not taxed as real property.


6. Boom Concrete has feed bunks in use that are over thirty years old.


How many feet of bunk is needed per animal unit?


Adult Cow         1.50 ft.

Calf                    0.75 ft

Yearling             1.99 ft.

Dairy Cow          2.00 ft.


Stock Water Tanks


stock water tank

Stock Water Tanks

Complete tanks with no assembly.
Quick and easy setting.
Approved for use in the NRCS Conservation Programs.
Tanks are extra-reinforced.
Tanks are produced in a climate controlled, indoor plant.
In stock for immediate delivery.


All four sides are made the same, with 4” width at the top and 7” width at the bottom.  The tank floor is 4” thick.  Rebar is placed 12” on center each way.  Redi-Mix is 4500# psi with fiber. 
Tank dimensions are 6’6” x 12’.
Reinforced with 3/8” rebar.
Both ends have 2” plastic threaded female pvc outside and 2” glue-in female inside (not threaded).
Weight is approximately 8000#
Hook in the middle on long sides for easier installation

stock water tank


Tanks available in two styles
1. Float Style  - with hole in center and 30” tile for float.
2. Hydrant Style -  with out hole in the  center.


Cattle Guard Foundation Buttress

Cattle Guard “L” Foundation Buttress

Save time
Eliminate Gate Handling
Reduce Maintenance

Secure Footing For Your Cattle Guards
Convenience For You…
Security for Your Livestock



If you drive through your livestock yard, pasture, or between landowner right of ways, here’s the perfect answer to eliminate the inconvenience and extra time of opening and closing gates.

4 Ft. Buttress Section
8 Ft. Buttress Section
Combine Lengths for customized lengths of 12Ft., 16 Ft., 20 Ft., etc.



Boom Concrete Cattle Guard Foundation Buttress are designed and built with high quality components including specially formulated concrete, steel rebar, and concrete fiber which is embedded throughout the buttress.

Boom concrete Cattle Guard Foundation Buttress come in two standard lengths, 4 ft. and 8 ft.  Combine these lengths to make your customized cattle guard buttress lengths of 12 ft., and 16 ft., 20 ft., etc.

Concrete Cattle Guard “L” foundation Buttress provide a secure foundation for steel cattle guard rails.  Concrete buttress foundations cut installation time and reduce maintenance costs.


cattle guard